Curves owner stories

Curves Ragusa - Italy
Owner since: 2015

"If you have an interest in sport, for dynamic work and personal interaction, Curves is the right solution".

Why did you open your Curves club, what did you like about Curves?

In 2008 I started working as an instructor at Curves and over the years I have developed a real passion and interest, a passion that allowed me to fulfill a small dream: opening a Curves club in Ragusa.

What amazed me is how a workout in just 30 minutes can be so effective, so simple and affordable for all women.

In your opinion, what makes Curves different from other franchise gyms?

Curves is not just a gym, the air you breathe is familiar, you feel immediately at ease and training is a real pleasure.

Can you tell us a little about your business and your goals?

My experience in Ragusa is fantastic. First, I want to say that we live in a city that is only 20 minutes from the sea and in the summer periods undergoes a significant drop in attendance but in the months after the opening I saw the number of members arriving increase to almost 800 members.

What ido you think of the support that you receive from Curves?

The support that Curves gives is impeccable, fast, safe and constant. You have the feeling of having someone by your side who is ready to help when you need it.

How do you see the future of your club?

I see it as a great source of innovation and satisfaction.

Would you recommend other people open a Curves franchise? Why?

Of course I would, if you have an interest in sport, for dynamic work and human contacts Curves is the right solution.


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