Curves franchise owner story

Curves Rousillon - France
Owner since: 2013

“Owning a Curves is very rewarding.”

Why did you open your Curves club, what attracted you to the concept?

Before opening my Curves club I was a teacher. But being no longer in tune with state education, and being very involved in sports from a young age, I decided to leave state education. By browsing all the sports franchises on the internet, I decided on CURVES because it is the concept that suited me best with system of personal coaching, in total simplicity which is suitable for all women, an efficient and fast system.

Developing a concept that works with the sense of offering a service, helping people to feel better, being available and listening, giving advice and sharing knowledge is very rewarding.

In your opinion, what makes Curves different from other franchises?

The support in terms of training and monitoring offered by the Business Development Manager (BDM) is very important for the franchisee.

The added value of Curves = coached sport + individualised SMART program + the "COMPLETE" program + attend without appointment

Could you say a little more about your business and your goals?

My business has grown very quickly. Word of mouth worked very well and I quickly reached 500 members.

On 7 October, my club will celebrate its three years since it opened. I have many Curves ambassadors among my members with 500 members who are convinced of the benefits of Strength Training.

What do you think of the support you receive from Curves?

This is a positive point. I am monitored very well with very valuable advice especially on the new training program which is very demanding and rigorous but which teaches you a lot and makes you progress.

How do you see the future of your club?

Beyond the profitability aspect, I want to make my club a place where the benefits of Strength Training are recognised by all, a friendly place where people feel supported.

Would you recommend that others open a Curves franchise? Why?

Yes! And I do it very often! In fact, I often receive candidates for the franchise in my club where we talk over the phone.

I speak about Curves with passion because, personally, I feel much better, without stress or conflict since I bought my franchise. That's a good reason to change job!

I also opened a second club in March 2016. A lot of adrenaline but that's really good!

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