The whole solution that makes weight loss AS EASY AS

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2 meal plan
3 coaching

With Curves Complete you get a fully personalised weight-loss solution that includes the Curves Fitness programme, customisable meal plans, and one-on-one coaching and support – all within a supportive community of women. It’s so much better than a typical gym.

Get ready to lose inches, gain friendships, and get more out of life with Curves Complete.

fitness meal plan coaching

Curves Fitness a full body workout
in just 30 minutes

Curves workouts are cutting-edge strength-training and bodyweight-based exercises that boost intensity, build strength, burn fat and prevent plateaus. Each workout is designed to be tailored to every fitness level, so everyone can get maximum benefits. You’ll love the changes you see with Curves Fitness as a part of the Curves Complete Plan. 

All you have to do is show up, give us 30 minutes, then go love your life.

CURVES MEAL PLAN customised to the way you love to eat

The Curves Complete meal plan is a personalised, customisable meal plan that encourages you to eat lean proteins, healthy fats, fibre and good carbohydrates. It’s unique in that it works hand-in-hand with Curves Fitness strength training and cardio exercise, helping to increase metabolism and burn fat. 


We’ll teach you how to eat out or cook at home, and provide recipes and shopping lists to make meal-planning simple. You’ll get plenty of proteins, good fats and healthy carbohydrates so you’re never giving up an entire food group.



The goal of your Curves coach is to help you get healthier and stay healthier. Every coach had completed a certification programme developed in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic, an integrated health-care system consistently ranked among the top hospitals in the world by U.S. News & World Report.  More about Cleveland Clinic.

Most coaches were Curves members before stepping into their role, so they’ve walked in your shoes and can show you how to step over every challenge you may encounter.

frequently asked questions

Is Curves Complete available in my country?

Curves Complete is currently available in Spain, France, United Kingdom and Ireland.


Can I feed my family on this plan?

The meal plans in this plan are healthy meals that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Remember- eating healthy is not just about losing weight. Eating healthy can help prevent disease. Your entire family can benefit from these healthy foods. Many people in your family may need a larger portion size, and that’s okay! Just make a little extra. With this healthy plan you don’t need cook 2 meals (one for you and another for your family) like in others plans.

Can I eat out with this plan?

Yes you can. But it’s harder to stay on the plan if you eat out often. There is an on-the-go food list which covers a lot of the UK food franchises that allows you to stick to your plan. However, if the restaurant of your choice is not available on this list, a general guideline would to opt for grilled, wholegrain dishes with a side helping of ample vegetables. 

What’s the best rate of weight loss?

According to the National Institute of Health and the World Health Organisation, weight loss of 1-2lbs (0.45kg – 0.9kg) per week leads to permanent reduction. This is because slow weight loss preserves lean muscle tissue – and remember, muscle is the key to metabolism! Unlike fat, muscle is metabolically active and burns calorie for us throughout the day.

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