Curves owner stories

Pilar and Elizabeth
Curves Teruel - Spain
Owner since: 2012

"Since we decided to set up Curves, now they don't leave us alone, as long as we need them they are there".

Why did you decide to open your Curves club? What attracted you to the Curves concept?

We discovered Curves by chance. What most caught our attention about Curves was that it was a women-gym, we had never heard of them, we didn't know that they even existed and we saw in them a good business opportunity, given that in our city there wasn't a gym of this type.

Another thing that attracted us, that was only for women, the 30 minutes training and working without dead lifts

What do you think makes Curves different from other gyms?

That the system we work with in Curves is more personalised. That our members notice the results straight away both in health and weight loss and they maintain them over time. Our members are the most important aspect for us and we help them to become strong and have a healthy weight. As we were saying before when we decided to set up Curves we saw only our opportunity to grow as a business, we have done it, but we have also grown in experiences with our members. Every day there is some story of theirs in Curves which makes us feel proud of our daily work in the club: about two years ago we participated with the rest of the clubs in Europe in a challenge and with the help of all our members we managed to be the best in Europe (prize new machines and renovation of the club). Recently one of our members was the finalist of another contest that the head office launched on a European level telling her story in Curves. Our members are thrilled with the strength training we do at Curves. Because it lasts half an hour, because they achieve results and because we are always very attentive towards them As many of them say, Curves is their second home.

Could you tell us about your business and your goals?

Our expectations were already fulfilled in the opening week, we had the best opening up to that point in Spain. We managed to get nearly 200 members within two months of opening, we would never have imagined it.  Now we have 380 members and we keep working in order to keep increasing it.

What do you think of the support you receive from Curves?

We had never had any relation with sport in work and they gave us the necessary training to start from zero. We are always supported by the franchise. Since we decided to set up Curves they never left us alone. We have at our disposal a person who monitors us continuously to help us achieve the goals we set and to resolve any query that may arise.

How do you envision the future of your club?

With nearly four years since the club has opened, we can say that our business works very well, we are achieving the objectives that we set. With every day that passes we see our business grow stronger.

Would you recommend that other people purchase a Curves franchise? Why?

Of course we recommend that other people purchase a Curves franchise. Why? Because for us to decide to set up Curves was one of the best decisions we have made and we are very happy to have done so. At first all the investment that we had to make frightened us but we can assure you that it's worth it and before long you can see a return on the investment. Apart from the financial aspect there are many more reasons for why we are very happy we opened Curves... seeing that our members feel better every day and that they improve their health. Our team is what makes us work every day with real desire and enthusiasm.

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